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The Ultimate Planner for Children's Book Authors: Your Path to Publishing Success as a kidlit writer

Are you a passionate children's book author, ready to share your imaginative tales with the world? You've already got the gift of storytelling, but there's more to creating a successful children's picture book than just writing. The journey to becoming a published author can be both thrilling and challenging, and that's where "The Ultimate Planner for Children's Book Authors" comes to your rescue. This is THE PERFECT PLANNER FOR AUTHORS PLANNING TO SELF-PUBLISH. If you are an aspiring kidlit writer, especially if it is a PICTURE BOOK, you have to check it out!

Last year I created this helpful planner and made it available on my Amazon store 'Hummingwords studio'. It is available WORLDWIDE!

Planning for Success

My planner is not about teaching you how to write; I believe in your writing skills! Instead, it's designed to guide you through the entire process of turning your literary dreams into a tangible, market-ready children's picture book. Whether you're a first-time author or considering self-publishing, this planner is your roadmap to ensure you don't skip a single step along the way.

Writing is just the beginning; you'll also need to navigate the intricate worlds of illustration, formatting, editing, and promotion. Dreaming of winning awards or attracting the attention of literary agencies? With the right organization, dedication, and this planner by your side, you can achieve it all. Let's face it; we all have moments of procrastination and forgetfulness. This planner will help you stay on track, keep important contacts at your fingertips, and manage expenses effectively, ensuring you have an amazing book in your hands.

Your Perfect Companion

Here's a more detailed look at what "The Ultimate Planner for Children's Book Authors" has to offer:

Size and Durability: Measuring 5.5" x 8.5" (13.97 x 21.59 cm) and featuring 90 GSM pages that work seamlessly with pencil, gel pens, and ballpoint pens, this planner is both practical and sturdy. Its cover, made of 220 GSM material, ensures your planner remains in pristine condition even through long days of brainstorming and plotting.

Beautifully Designed: The planner boasts 72 fully colored pages adorned with a delightful pastel color palette, meticulously crafted by Sumitra, a seasoned children's book illustrator with an impressive portfolio of collaborations with new authors. These colors are not just aesthetically pleasing but also provide a soothing backdrop for your creative journey.

This planner for children's book authors / writers has a bunch of features!

Key Features:

  1. Book Description Generator: An invaluable tool during manuscript submissions, helping you craft compelling book descriptions that catch publishers' and readers' attention. With the right words, you can make your book stand out in a crowded market.

  2. 12 Un-Dated Calendar Spreads: Stay organized and on top of your deadlines with these flexible calendar spreads. The undated format allows you to start your planning journey at any time of the year, making it perfect for authors at various stages of their projects.

  3. Navigating the Publishing World: The planner offers step-by-step guidance on finding the right illustrator, proofreader, and editor to ensure your book reaches its full potential. It's a daunting task, but this planner breaks it down into manageable steps, making the process smoother and more achievable.

  4. Marketing Your Book: Learn the art of promoting your work and building an audience for your children's book. The marketing section of the planner is filled with tips, strategies, and blank spaces for brainstorming your unique promotional ideas.

  5. Affirmation Cards for Children's Book Authors: These inspirational cards are designed to boost your confidence and motivation. You can even cut them out and keep them handy as daily reminders of your writing journey's potential. Writing can be a solitary endeavor, and these affirmations are like a friendly pat on the back when you need it most.

  6. Notes Section: At the end of the planner, you'll find a dedicated section for jotting down ideas, inspirations, and important notes as you embark on your publishing adventure. It's your creative playground, a place to sketch out characters, scribble down sudden bursts of inspiration, and record feedback from early readers.

1st Review: "This is the perfect Children's book author planner. It is beautifully illustrated and designed by Sumitra. Inside it includes all that is needed to help organize and guide you through the process as you publish your book. I will find this especially handy as I am self-publishing and can use it this time round to be more on track with my things to do. A great use and so beautiful too. Can make a great gift for an author as well!"

2nd Review: "This illustrator found me on Instagram. I took a look at her art and fell in love with the style. The quality of this book is fantastic, and I'm excited to use the prompts to guide me through making my next children's book. It's not often you find a planner that is not only practical but also visually appealing and inspiring."

In conclusion, "The Ultimate Planner for Children's Book Authors" is not just a planner; it's your partner in turning your creative vision into reality. Don't let the complexities of the publishing world overwhelm you. With this planner in hand, you'll have the guidance, tools, and structure needed to bring your children's picture book to life and make your literary dreams come true.

So, embark on this exciting journey, stay organized, and watch your story unfold in the most beautiful way possible. Remember, every great author started with an idea and a passion for storytelling. With dedication and the right resources, you too can share your stories with the world and create a lasting legacy in children's literature. Happy writing!



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