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A critique Group for Children's Picture Book Authors / Author-illustrators

What is a critique group?

- A critique group is a group of writers. They share their work with each other and provide feedback. This helps in improving the quality of the work. This is mostly done before authors go for querying agents/publishing houses.

Who can join?

- Aspiring or published children's book authors / author-illustrators.

- Anyone who likes reading children's picture books.

Are there any membership charges?

- No, it is absolutely free to join.

Guidelines for members:

1) If a member shares their manuscript with the group, do NOT send it to anyone else outside the group without the member's permission.

2) Do NOT plagiarize anyone's work.

3) Provide suggestions to improve the story but do not be harsh on anyone who shares their work.

4) Do not re-write anyone's story.

5) Be respectful and professional.

6) When critiquing, do not just give suggestions, compliment the good parts too!

7) Please proofread your work before submitting it.

8) Comments have to be related to the manuscript. No personal comments/arguments.

9) A member will be removed from the group if they fail to follow the guidelines.

Critique Group

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