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Personalised Children’s Books As Gifts

Personalised children’s books

Trying to think of the perfect gift for your little one? Personalized children’s books make excellent gifts for a multitude of different reasons. Reading with your child in general, provides a fantastic opportunity to spend quality time with them whilst avoiding some of the pitfalls associated with too

much screen time. Reading can improve your child’s literacy skills and expand their imagination. However personalised children’s books are highly authentic as you are given the unique opportunity to craft your own adventure! Your child can have the chance to be the protagonist in their very own individualised narrative. The potential creativeprospects are endless! Your children can slay metaphorical dragons, save princesses from peril, the list goes on! You can commission a children’s book illustrator to illustrate your personalised book. If you would like me to illustrate your book, you can contact me through my website‘s ’contact form’ at

The best personalised kids’ books can come in many shapes and forms, depending on preference. The aesthetically pleasing design process ensures that your personalised children’s book will serve as a memorable gift for years to come!

Below we have outlined some of the other numerous reasons why a personalised Children’s book may be the gift that keeps on giving!

1. Improves children’s Literacy and language skills

Numerous studies show that reading with your child has been proven to improve their literacy skills and enhance the language development process. This is especially the case with personalised children’s books in general, as they have been shown to keep children more engaged. This could be for a variety of different reasons. Perhaps they are the protagonist of their own stories, or maybe the characters are more relatable/ familiar to them. Whatever the reason, this increased engagement ensures enhanced cognitive development takes place, leading children to acquire new vocabulary and improve their overall literacy skills. These invaluable skills will of course serve them well in their future,and perhaps pave the way to an overall love for literature!

2. Develops children’s self esteem and sense of Identity

Giving your child the unique opportunity to be the star of his / her own story may help them develop a positive identity/ sense of self. Children may read the narrative, and want to embody the positive attributes of the protagonist such as bravery/ courage/ honesty / diligence etc. Similarly, when sharing the reading experience with your child you can highlight similarities between the plot line of the story, and life in general. For example, personalised children’s books about starting school are often popular. You can both discuss the dilemmas raised in the story and highlight how your child can use his/ her positive attributes to solve some these scenarios. Acquiring the appropriate problem-solving abilities will certainly help your child with their own issues in later life.

3. Inclusion and Diversity

In the case of a personalised children’s book, characters can originate from a much broader range of different ethnic and cultural backgrounds. Creating narratives that showcase a broader sector of society, may ensure that children are more empathetic towards children of different race, ability, nationality, sex etc. Similarly, if your child comes from an underrepresented minority group then seeing him/herself as a hero may boost their morale. Often consumers opt for personalised children’s books with photos to give the narrative an overall more personalised touch.

4. Enhanced quality time with children

Perhaps due to the demands now placed upon parents in contemporary society, we may find ourselves spending lesstime in the family home. This is of course has quite a negative impact upon the mental health of both ourselves and our children. Furthermore, it may also lead to children developing behavioural problems which may impact them in the future. Reading with your kids enables you to spend more quality time with them. To avoid squabbles or accidental favouritism it may be best to purchase Personalised children’s books for siblings and ensure the whole family is catered for! Reading a book with your child is a great way to spend screen free time with them, away from the busy distractions of the world. The personalised nature of the constructed narrative ensures the tale is more gripping and thus quality time is truly enhanced!

5. A Unique present for time immemorable!

A personalised children’s book is probably going to be one of the most memorable gifts your child receives. The personalised nature of the narrative, combined with some of the uniquely aesthetically pleasing aspects of the finished product, will ensure this book is a gift your child will treasure forever. Personalised children’s books with pets or deceased loved ones are also popular on the market as they help keep special memories alive.

6. Collaboration and teamwork

Involving your child in the story writing process may help them to develop their creative and collaboration skills. Sharing their own ideas about narrative setting, plot and character development whilst simultaneously listening to the ideas of other family members, may serve to improve a child’s teamworking abilities.

7. Personalised books may improve attention and focus

Creating age-appropriate books with kids as the main characters may improve a child’s attention span and focus. If a child is more invested in a story, it is more likely they willwant to sit down and read. The repeated action of consistent reading will of course help your child improve his/ her concentration and attention span.

8. Helps Children Develop Empathy

Most successful stories contain a main character that is facing a moral dilemma or an obstacle to overcome. Sharing an engaging story with children, where the main character faces an imminent issue to overcome may help children develop empathy. If a child relates to a character on a deeper level he/she is more likely to apply this empathy in other real-life scenarios.

9. Teaches children morals

Reading stories with children can give parents the unique opportunity to instil important values to them that they can carry with them through life. It is fair to say even the traditional fairy tales often have morals which can be readily applicable in the “real world”. Personalised stories enable the authors to select what values are most important to include and share with your child.

10. Enhances children’s social skills

As your child continues to read and develop self-confidence, alongside empathy they may be better able to socialise and expand on their circle of friends. They may also interact better with figures of authority such as teachers and other adults. Similarly, exposure to a diverse range of multicultural characters will ensure that your child does not develop racist or biased tendencies.

Overall, we can conclude from the above that Personalised Children’s books make wonderful unique gifts for kids and adults alike to enjoy. Reading personalised children’s book may lead to overall enhanced engagement from children and help them develop a true love for reading. Consequentially your child will also improve his or her concentration span, literacy levels and overall understanding of language. Outside of the obvious cognitive benefits, there are also benefits for society at large. Education is the key to preventing the growth of systemic problems such as racism and bullying. Reading to children and discussing these issues at a young age may help tackle these prevalent issues on a broader scale. For all the above reasons we would highly recommend you embark uponyour own children’s book adventure as soon as possible!

Author: Jessica McCarthy


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