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Free Printable Planner Pages - in celebration of 500 followers

Hello everyone!

On 8th august, my instagram page @artbysumitra hit 500 followers! To celebrate I had asked what would my followers like as a free giveaway and everyone chose planner pages.

So I have created 3 pages -

1] To-do list

2] Weekly planner

3] Notes

I have gone with shades of blue and a bit of gold to make these pages look simple yet pretty.

I am giving a colored and a black and white version, in A4 size, so you can easily print the version you want. You can also export these files to a digital planner and use them. I hope you have fun using these!

If you use them then don't forget to tag me in your stories or posts on IG :)

Planner Pages
Download ZIP • 3.97MB



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