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Sumitra is ready for her next big adventure as a Full-time Remote Creative director / designer (for a brand anywhere in the world) . Please get in touch if there are any opportunities!

Welcome to the vibrant world of Sumitra, a children's book illustrator and self-publishing expert. With over 15 enchanting picture books written by authors from all over the globe, gracing bookshelves worldwide, Sumitra is your go-to partner for bringing your literary dreams to life.

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Some pieces from the portfolio

Just some of the many pieces of the updated portfolio. Do check out all the other pieces here.

As a seasoned children's book illustrator, Sumitra has worked with a diverse range of authors and editors hailing from several countries, primarily from the USA, UK, Australia, and New Zealand. With a signature style characterized by bright and colorful illustrations, Sumitra has the unique ability to make stories come alive, captivating young readers and their parents alike. She has helped many children's book authors who were looking for  good children's book illustrator on a budget.

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Services Provided for a standard

32-page picture book:

Illustration Magic: From whimsical characters to captivating scenes, Sumitra infuses every page with a burst of color and imagination. Your stories will truly come to life in the hands of this artistic visionary.

Text Layout & Formatting: Every word and image deserves the perfect layout. Sumitra meticulously handles text layout, ensuring a seamless flow from page to page.

Self-Publishing Guidance: Navigating the complex world of self-publishing is made easy with Sumitra. She provides expert guidance on platforms like Amazon KDP and IngramSpark, making sure your books are ready for the world to discover.

Marketing Insights: It's not enough to create a beautiful book; you need to get it in the hands of readers. Sumitra offers valuable advice on marketing your books online, helping you build a dedicated readership.

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Ready to embark on your creative journey as an author? Reach out to Sumitra today to discuss your project and take the first step toward bringing your children's book ideas to life. You will get a response within 24 hours.

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